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TYUT Holds a Thematic Meeting on Education for International Students in 2020

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TYUT Holds a Thematic Meeting on Education for International Students in 2020

On the morning of July 7th, TYUT held a thematic meeting on education for international students in the conference room 601 of Yifu Building, Yingxi Campus, which aims to push forward the Strategic Program of Internalization in TYUT.

President Huang Qingxue attended the meeting, participated also by the heads of the relevant departments, the colleges, and the key scientific research institutions. The meeting was presided by Vice President Liang Weiguo.

At the meeting, revolving around the strategic importance of international students education and the goal of international development, the representative of theCollege of International Education Exchangemade a report on the achievements of the education for international students, summarized the enrollment of international students in 2020, and offered advice on the proper position of international students education and development programs during the period of the 14th“Five-Year Plan”.The heads of the Academic Affairs Office and the Graduate School put forward opinions and suggestions on the training of international students from the aspects of teaching and management, professional certifications, and the level of research papers, and encouraged relevant colleges to actively explore teaching management and talent training models that are in line with the actual conditions of our university.

Huang Qingxue fully recognized the efforts made by relevant departments in international education, and particularly highly appraised the work of the heads of relevant colleges who have shouldered the responsibility of promoting internalization of TYUT. He emphasized that we must continue to promote the internalization with the sense of historical mission, responsibility, and urgency in the face of the unprecedented challenges and the competition of “Double First-class” construction.

TYUT continuously improves the teaching quality and school-running level through opening to the outside world, and provides talents and intellectual support for the high-quality transformation and development of Shanxi province. He pointed out that at the end of the 14th“Five-Year Plan”, the number of international students in our university must reach 2000-2500. In the face of this new goal, we must further attach great importance to the work of international education and continuously improve the training quality of international student. Besides, we must make full use of the international cooperation platforms, insist on the strategy of “bringing in” and “sending out”, and strive to achieve bidirectional flow of international resources and create new highlights of internationalization.

When it came to the recruitment of international students, Huang Qingxue asked to further strengthen the publicity of the university enrollment and take multiple measures to optimize the student source structure. He pointed out that the website is an important window for foreign exchange. All departments and units should attach great importance to the construction of websites. He instructed the Publicity Department to take the lead and cooperate with relevant departments and colleges to improve and enrich the English websites of the university and college as soon as possible. All colleges need to speed up the completion of the relevant documents, systems and main logos in both Chinese and English.

Huang Qingxue pointed out that Internalization is not only one of the “Five Strategic Projects” of TYUT, but also the top priority of the “Double First-Class” construction. With clear thoughts, explicit targets, vigorous actions and firm faith, we will strive for the “Double First-Level” construction of our university and devote to the high-quality transformation and development of Shanxi province.

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