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Tao Wang

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Long-term engagement in the rolling process, metal laminated composite rolling, equipment intelligent design, and other related research. Teaching undergraduate and master courses, including Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Elasticity and Finite Element Methods. Chairing several research projects, including national key R&D projects, NSFC, and so on. The relevant achievements have won the “Excellent Thesis Award” of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the “Youth Outstanding Thesis Award” of Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, the Special Science and Technology Prize of Metallurgical Industry, the Excellent Achievement Science, and Technology Award of Ministry of Education.



12/2020-present: Professor, Taiyuan University of Technology, China

12/2018-12/2020: Associate Professor, Taiyuan University of Technology, China

05/2016-12/2018: Lecture, Taiyuan University of Technology, China

03/2013-05/2016: Engineer, China First Heavy Industries, China



09/2007-01/2013: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University, China

09/2003-07/2007: B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Yanshan University, China


Selected Publications

*  Book

1.        Tao Wang, High Precision and Fast Prediction Theory and Application on Strip Crown and Shape in Hot Rolling, National Defense Industry Press, 2020. (In Chinese)


*  Research Articles

1.        Tao Wang, Yuelin Wang, Liping Bian, Qingxue Huang, Microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of Mg/Al laminated composite sheet by novel corrugated rolling and flat rolling, Materials Science & Engineering A, 765 (2019) 138318.

2.        Tao Wang, Zhongkai Ren, Dongping He, Equivalent numerical algorithm for the strip-rolling process of a continuous variable crown mill using the coupled rigid-plastic finite element method, Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan, 27(2) (2019) 123-132.

3.        Tao Wang, Sha Li, Zhongkai Ren, Yi Jia, Wenshi Fu, Miao Guo, Xiaochang Ma, Jianchao Han, Microstructure characterization and mechanical property of Mg/Al laminated composite prepared by the novel approach: corrugated + flat rolling (CFR), Metals, 9(6) (2019) 690.

4.        Tao Wang, Sha Li, Zhongkai Ren, Jianchao Han, Qingxue Huang, A novel approach for preparing Cu/Al laminated composite based on corrugated roll, Materials Letters, 234 (2019) 179-182.

5.        Tao Wang, Qingxue Huang, Hong Xiao, Modification of roll flattening analytical model based on the plane assumption, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 31 (2018) 46.

6.        Tao Wang, Hong Xiao, Tieyong Zhao, Xiangdong Qi, Improvement of 3-D FEM coupled model on strip crown in hot rolling, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 19(3) (2012) 14-19

7.        Zhongkai Ren, Tao Wang, Wanwan Fan, Establishment of the tension stress model considering metallateral flow for foil rolling, Meccanica, 54 (2019) 261-270.

8.        Zhongkai Ren, Wanwan Fan, Jie Hou, Tao Wang, A numerical study of slip system evolution in ultra-thin stainless steel foil, Materials, 12(11) (2019) 1819-1831.


Research Interests

Rolling process and intelligent design


Research Supervision

Master Students



E-mail: twang@tyut.edu.cn


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